Sell your business yourself for top dollar


For Yourself, Not By Yourself

Marketing and Buyer Qualification System



The SellerconfidentialSM "BIZBO" Marketing Program eliminates the need for traditional brokers. Our service is offered without high charges, false promises, excessive valuation fees or restrictive contracts.

Selling your business is all about:

(1) getting in front of as many buyers possible
(2) keeping costs low
(3) accessibility to advice from experts when needed to assist you

Their are some great brokers out there. But far to often brokers over promise, over value and under deliver. Business owners can ill afford wasting time and money on brokers who are focused more on their own agenda than on your best interests.

We have eliminated all the unnecessary costs and delays of a traditional sale process, allowing you to control your cost and timetable throughout and still have direct access (and peace of mind) to a team of business sales professionals.

According to recent national statistics, over 60 percent of all businesses are sold without the use a full service broker. The Sellerconfidentialsm "BIZBO" puts the seller in the driver’s seat and provides the necessary knowledge, support and guidance to help you succeed in your sale.

Why Sell Your Business Yourself?

The Sellerconfidentialsm  "BIZBO" will:

  • Provide you with a structure that works
  • Help you prepare your business for sale
  • Evaluate and package your company
  • Advertise and market your business both nationally and internationally
  • Present you with regular status updates
  • Screen and qualify your prospective buyers for you
  • Provide guidance and coaching as needed to effectively complete the sale
  • Give you personalized and responsive service, and
  • Maintain a confidential relationship

You are in control:

  • Negotiate your own terms of the sale
  • Use your own accountant and attorney

When You Sell Your "BIZBO" With Seller Confidential,
You'll Have Three Powerful Marketing Options Available



Over 8,000 Prospective Buyers Will View Your Business



  • ​<$100K Listing Price
  • Includes Call Center
  • Pre-Screened Buyers
  • ​1 Pg Business Profile
  • ​No Prospectus
  • 3 Listing Websites
  • 100% Confidentality
  • Coaching & Guidance
  • No Open House Video
  • No PMB Guarantee


CALL or TEXT 720-464-9106
For info or to get  started



Over 19,000 Prospective Buyers Will View Your Business

6 Month Program


  • +$100K Listing Price
  • Includes Call Center
  • Pre-Screened Buyers
  • 1 Pg Business Profile
  • Offering Prospectus
  • 6 Listing Websites
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Coaching & Guidance
  • No Open House Video
  • No PMB Guarantee


CALL or TEXT 720-464-9106
For info or to get started



Over 25,000+ Prospective Buyers Will View Your Business

12 Month Program 
Plus Performance Money Back Guarantee


  • +$200K Listing Price
  • Includes Call Center
  • Pre-Screened Buyers
  • 1 Pg Business Profile
  • Offering Prospectus
  • 6 Listing Websites
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Coaching & Guidance
  • "Open House" Video
  • *PMB Guarantee*
    Call for Details...

$ Call for details

CALL or TEXT 720-464-9106
For info or to get started

** $795 for each additional 6 Months, if necessary
**Multi-Unit Operations "For Sale" Listings: Call or Text 720-464-9106 for special pricing

​**Guaranteed Confidentiality**  |  **Pre-Screened Buyers**  |  **Pay No Commissions** |  **BIZBO Specialists**

Our BIZBO Program offers what all business sellers require…prospective buyers.

  • We place your business in front of tens of thousands of interested buyers.
  • We offer you the key to parley thousands of your hard earned dollars into your pockets.
  • We pinpoint and implement the most effective marketing strategy for your specific business.
  • We provide a professional business specific designed Prospectus and Business Profile.
  • We enable you,the seller, to negotiate your own terms. You are in the drivers seat.
  • We supply personal live support, education and coaching.
  • We provide solutions. You have a question. We answer it…personally and fast.
  • 100% Confidentiality!

The Call Center

Our expertly trained Buyer Inquiry staff handle all incoming inquiries. Interested Parties are screened and required to complete a Confidentiality Agreement and Buyer Profile prior to them getting any identifying information and/or you speaking with them.  Completely confidential.  No one knows what your business name is or who you are.

The 1 Pg Business Profile

A Professionally designed 1 Page Profile synopsis of your business with teaser copy to grab interest and attention from prospective buyers. 

The Offering Prospectus

A Professionally designed, complete with pictures of your business. Includes financials, proformas, business summaries, maps and other detailed information. The prospectus is sent to you electronically to assist you with getting your company information immediately in front of a potential buyer.

The Listing Websites

Listings on either 3 or 6 premium business "for sale" websites depending on your program selected. We market your business on a multitude of premium business "for sale" and professional websites where your business will be viewed by Thousands of Potential Buyers. In addition, Sellerconfidential's database of previously qualified buyers are notified that another quality business is for sale.

Professional Coaching/Guidance

EXCLUSIVE TO Sellerconfidential!! We provide something no other service offers. Business brokers available for guidance and coaching. We take you through the various stages of selling and closing your business. You'll receive comprehensive expert coaching and assistance from our full service brokers. They will effectively guide you through the entire sales process and assist you with all your concerns and questions so you can feel confident in negotiating the deal you want.

The Open House" Sales Video

An "Open House" Sales Video is a helpful selling tool that visually walks a prospect through the business operation in detail and its "unexploited growth potential" under new ownership. THE BUYER UPSIDE!

​Performance Money Back (PMB) Guarantee

Our Platinum PLUS Performance money back guarantee is bar none the best in the industry. In fact it's the only one.
Call or Text 720-464-9106 for details......


Call or Text: 720-464-9106
or send us an email here  

Seller Confidential's 
Business For Sale By Owner "BIZBO" Program
Key Steps to Sell Your Business For Top Dollar 

Like most entrepreneurs, you’ve probably worked long hours and invested financially to establish and grow your company. When it’s time to sell, you want the highest possible return on that investment.

The Sellerconfidentialsm team is here to help you get that return when selling your business. While every company is different, there are certain steps that every business owner must complete when it’s time to sell. Here’s what we’ll do to help you make this important transaction successful:

STEP 1: FREE Business & Market Assessment – We’ll give you a fair market review of what your business is worth before you make any commitments, giving you the straightforward facts.

One of the initial steps when you decide to sell your business is determining a selling price. Selling prices are reached by evaluating the tangible and intangible assets and the actual cash flow of the company.

Sellerconfidential ​will offer you an opinion of value report of your company to support your selling price to share with serious buyers, using the valuation methods that are standard practice in the industry.

The steps we take to determine your business's market value include:

  • Develop an opinion of value based upon the financial information provided by the seller
  • Determine what is and is not included in the sale of the business
  • Obtain the business and financial information from the business owner and/or accountant
  • Analyze the financial data to show the highest value to potential buyers
  • Adjust the financial Statements to reflect the highest possible Sellers Discretionary Earnings SDE
  • Compare the company to industry standard guidelines and using comparable sales information
  • Analyze qualitative economic factors
  • Identify the valuation approaches that are appropriate for your specific business
  • ​Determine the value or range of values
  • Prepare a final opinion of value

Business Valuation Document Checklist

___ 2 - 3 Years Annual Financial Statements or Tax Returns
___ Most Recent Interim Financial Statements
___ List of Assets Equipment to be included when you sell your business
___ Terms of Equipment Leases
___ Terms of Building Lease

For more information about selling your business or buying a business, contact Sellerconfidentialsm today!

STEP 2: Confidential Business Profile - This key, qualifying tool is sent to prospects to generate interest in buying your business.

The Confidential Business Profile Sheet

IS DESIGNED TO GET THE ATTENTION OF TARGET BUYERS--A Great New Business is now for sale! A Confidential Business Profile Sheet is a single page presentation designed to serve as a "teaser" to all prospects. The Profile presents an overview of your company without disclosing the company name, location or any other information that may give away its identity. The Profile also helps your business stand out among the many available business opportunities out there.

This document is sent via email, fax or U.S. mail to prospects in response to our advertising campaigns.

The Confidential Business Profile includes:

1. A brief description of your business

2. Price and terms (if desired)

3. Assets included in the sale. i.e., F,F, & E, inventory, vehicles, etc

4. ​A schedule of actual cash flow (for 1-3 years)

5. How to obtain more information​ about the business

To view a sample Business Profile Sheet, Click Here

For more information about business opportunities, selling your business or buying a business, contact Sellerconfidentialsm today!

STEP 3: Offering Prospectus - This valuable booklet is filled with descriptive and financial information to present to earnest qualified buyers, their accountants and lenders.

The Offering Prospectus

An Offering Prospectus is a comprehensive presentation that discloses the details of the business and furnishes full financial information. The seller provides the Prospectus Offering to serious buyers only, allowing buyers, their accountant, advisors and lenders to fully analyze the opportunity. A Prospectus Offering is only shared with a qualified buyer at the discretion of the seller. Sellerconfidential carefully and creatively prepares the prospectus best showcasing your individual business.

A Offering Prospectus can include:

  • History and detailed description of the business
  • Record of Discretionary Income
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Tax Returns
  • List of Assets
  • On-site photos, if available
  • Company sales brochures, if available
  • Map of location
  • Competition
  • Market Outlook
  • Growth Potential

To view a sample offering prospectus, Click Here

If you are unsure when to present a Prospectus, simply contact your local Client center and we will coach you through it

STEP 4: Nationwide Advertising Campaign - We promote the sale of your business (without disclosing specific information), on the most popular and active internet sites, direct mail and our national database of existing potential buyers.

National Advertising campaign

Our targeted advertising campaigns are customized for each of our clients to attract earnest, qualified buyers. Listings for your business will be seen by thousands of potential buyers locally, nationally and internationally.

Below are a few of the advertising and networking sources that are considered for each listing:

  • Expanded Internet Marketing Campaign with Multi-Website Listings
  • Sellerconfidentialsm Database of Buyers
  • Newspaper Classified Advertising - Business Opportunities -- additional fee will apply
  • Acquisition Opportunity Letters sent to targeted Industry Players - call for details
  • Lenders
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys

In order to guarantee absolute confidentiality, your company’s name, location and other such pertinent details are never disclosed in our ads.


Prospects requesting additional information about your company are required to submit a signed and completed confidentiality agreement and buyer profile. Once these documents are received, we determine if the prospect is, in fact, a qualified buyer. If so, we will connect you with the potential buyer. 

Contact your local Client Center for assistance or guideance throughout the sales process.

Your next step is to schedule an appointment with the buyer and present your company.

STEP 5: Client Service Center - We receive the incoming calls, emails and letters from interested buyers. Our system insures strict confidentiality and provides the all-important screening and qualifying steps. We then pass these qualified buyers on to you.

Client Service Center

Our Sellerconfidentialsm Client Service Center is a critical part of our overall business marketing program, where buyer responses to advertising are received via phone, email or fax.

Once an inquiry is received, our team immediately begins the process of qualifying the prospect. After we enter their contact information into our Business Marketing Services database, the following materials are sent to the prospective buyer:

Confidentiality agreement and buyer profile form

​Upon receipt of the completed and signed forms, we forward the buyer's contact information to you.

PLUS Support and Guidance available to you - Your local Client Center is a valuable resource available for support and guidance throughout the entire selling process.

Professional Coaching, Education and Guidance

One of the most efficient and effective ways to maximize your sale is through the use of qualified coaching and guidance from industry professionals. The Sellerconfidential consulting team provides optimal solutions to questions you may encounter and personally assists you through the entire sales process to make sure your business sale goes as smooth as possible.


Hear our Clients Raving about Seller Confidential's
Business Marketing Services 

"Thank you for all your help and assistance in listing my business for sale.... I have received tremendous exposure thru your business while at the same time keeping my business information private and secure. You and your staff have done a wonderful job in prescreening potential buyers, passing on all the interested parties to me in a timely and efficient manner and thus allowing me to focus only on those truly interested in my business. I would be happy to refer you to anyone interested in selling a business and would highly recommend your services."

Mike Owen
Vending Company Owner

"I am truly impressed that someone performed better than advertised….Everything that your company did was first class. The ads were placed on powerful sites…and I had no problem finding them. The prospectus was top shelf and showed my company’s history and all other information in a very professional presentation.

…your company performed, and I was able to sell my company in less than 8 weeks. …sellerconfidential surpassed any reasonable expectations."

Private Owner
Tile and Grout Company

"Thank you for the efforts in selling my business in the past 8 months.

I have one of the leads that I am presently working with and hope that it will follow thru to fruition and his purchase of my business by end of 08...

I am very pleased with your professionalism and presentation on all leads and I therefore have extended our agreement for another 6 months……."

D. Bienenfeld
Resort rental Properties

"Richard was fantastic! I would absolutely recommend sellerconfidential to anyone looking to sell their business in a creative fashion."

Adam Odosky
Via Viva

"At first I was skeptical, but working with Richard has been a very positive experience. His marketing was creative and it brought me many prospects to talk with. All promises were kept and none were made that were not realistic." I recommend this company and Richard whole-heartedly.

RW - Colorado

When we employed sellerconfidential we thought the materials would help us close a deal with the companies we had been talking to for years about either a merger or acquisition of our company. This was a deal approaching $400,000. The prospectus that sellerconfidential prepared was creative, complete and attractive. The surprise came when one of the respondents to the online ads came to us “out of the blue” and is buying the company at this moment. All promises were kept. sellerconfidential did not promise that we would make a deal, just made it possible through preparation, great printed materials, coaching along the way and well positioned marketing. Oh, and we saved $34,000 in commissions since this was a For Sale by Owner Deal! Nice.

TR - “Well Known Branded Fitness Equipment Manufacturer”

Example Seller Confidential "BIZBO" Deals

Iconic Brand Fitness Equipment Manufacturer Ready for AcquisitionSOLD
ID Code: equipment Annual Net: TBD
Annual Sales: $821,156 Franchise? No
Start Up? No Asking Price: $375,000
Protected Territory? No
This is a very recognizable Branded Fitness Equipment Manufacturer with solid international sales and registered Trade Marks. Half the world isn’t being sold yet. This 22 year old company has never made a lower tier product to sell to mass merchants. This brand is very well known, well protected and ready for a new solid focused management. This price might be less than the value of the Trade Mark. There is a strong established US, EU, Russia, Aussie and Ukrainian sales record, but no South American and little Asian sales efforts. That’s right – Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Ecuador are untouched territory as well as most of Asia. Mass merchants would make hay with a stepped down product and the Brand Reference could make it happen – another untapped sales possibility. An acquiring company with established sales and production management operations might realistically expect a 1 year ROI.

Growing Profitable Bike Shop + Web Store in Colorado`s Front RangeSOLD
ID Code: recumbent Annual Net: $59,401
Annual Sales: $434,921 Franchise? No
Start Up? No Asking Price: $125,000
Protected Territory? No
Well established Bike shop with consistent growth and active Web Store for sale in Northern Colorado College Town. This business is located in a very desirable Colorado Front range town with excellent metrics for population growth, education, health, housing and business stability. This retailer and web merchant has shown consistent growth in both sales and profit, and is easily learnable. The owner will stay to train for a reasonable period. The shop has a strong reputation for quality products and a great repair shop. The web store enjoys many “buy” visits and is a strong advertisement for the brick and mortar business. The buyer will get a data base of 2,000 customers, strong testimonials, many repeat visitors, a good public image and following.
Unique Franchise RestaruantSOLD
ID Code: soup Annual Net: $71,308
Annual Sales: $355,786 Franchise? No
Start Up? No Asking Price: $150,000
Protected Territory? No
Located in Colorado’s Beautiful High Country - Unique Franchise Restaurant - Serving a Large Variety of Fresh and Healthy Soups, made to Order Sandwiches, Wraps and Panini’s, Freshly Baked Cookies and Bread. Catering is our specialty. Great location, large parking area, next to large grocery chain. F,F, & E and Inventory valued at $85,000 included in asking price.
Fast Growing Business to BusinessSOLD
speed Annual Net: 272,061.00
607,212.00 Franchise? No
No Asking Price: 620,000
High performing, business-to-business operation that has produced four straight years of solid earnings and double-digit revenue growth – through historical national economic decline. We provide the business community with stunning, ultra-crisp huge color/photo graphics used on some level by every business. Great lease terms within a well-situated business park. Easy highway access
Modern Restaurant - SE DenverSOLD
ID Code: soup Annual Net: $50,000
Annual Sales: $104,800 Franchise? No
Start Up? No Asking Price: $50,000
Protected Territory? No
Operating restaurant, good location, attractive decor, fully equipped kitchen that can prepare food for any concept. Owner wants to sell assets to retire. Rent is low and assets are priced far below replacement costs. Great Opportunity, $50,000 cash and buyer must be financially qualified to assume existing store lease.
Own your own 16 bed tanning facilitySOLD
ID Code: tan Annual Net: $51,306
Annual Sales: $172,263 Franchise? No
Start Up? No Asking Price: $49,000
Protected Territory? No
PRICE REDUCTION - WAS $175,000 NOW $49,000. Located in one of the fastest growing and affluent areas in Colorado, 16 room tanning facility, an estimated 6200 cleints growing daily, this is an excellent long term investment. Great Business, Store Front Parking, Impressive Customer List, this one will not last. PRICED TO SELL!!!!
PEARL of a business! RETAIL STORE METAPHYSICAL goods and services.SOLD
ID Code: Pearl Annual Net: 104,442
Annual Sales: 604,228 Franchise? No
Start Up? No Asking Price: 266,000
Protected Territory? No
PEARL of a business! RETAIL STORE METAPHYSICAL goods and services. High Sales volume – robust through economic cycles. Successful, most respected and renowned 33 year old metaphyscial/new age/conscious living store. One of the oldest in the United States it has developed and shares profitable synergistic relationships with adjacent related businesses. Includes a high profile website presence.
Sprinkler Systems and Erosion ControlSOLD
ID Code: sprinkler Annual Net: $31,450
Annual Sales: $79,804 Franchise? No
Start Up? No Asking Price: $68,000
Protected Territory? No
****SALE PENDING**** Price Reduced. Residential and Commercial Sprinkler Systems and Erosion Control. The main specailities of this company includes: New lawn systems in addition to repairs of existing systems,and complete erosion control installtions. With over 300 existing clients representing repeated annual income via spring start ups and fall blow outs this business has a continual cash flow streams. Seasonal Hours - Operates 7 months out of the year. Asking price includes F,F,& E and Inventory valued at $28,500.


The Seller Confidential "BIZBO" Marketing Platform

Q: Can I really sell my business myself?

Statistically, the vast majority of businesses are sold by owners with no brokers involved. You know your business better than anyone. We give you all the tools you need to present your business to the highest number of qualified buyers.


We offer Professional Coaching, Education and Guidance.

Q: Most business brokers make a commission when the business sells but you charge a flat fee. Why?

We are not brokers. Brokers charge high fees and tie up your business via exclusive listing contracts for months and, sometimes, years. Our fees are a fraction of what business brokers charge. For example, if you pay a broker a 10% commission on a $200,000 selling price, that is $20,000 less in your pocket. And, in most cases, we offer a more extensive marketing approach.

Q: I can list my business online for less than you charge? What is the difference?

An actual comparison of advertising costs showing all of the national and international websites we use, our extensive buyer databases and the time we maintain your presence shows a terrific value. Of course, listing is only part of the equation. We know what to say about your business to draw the most attention. We also know how the game works to get you pre-screened, qualified buyers and are available to support you through the entire sales process. And with our Platinum Plus BIZBO program, we even offer you a performance money back guarantee -- call or text 720-464-9106 for details

Q: Will everyone know my business is for sale?

NO. Only if you list it yourself or you tell someone. We maintain the strictest confidence and know how to list a business without disclosing the exact name and location.

Q: Will people be calling me all the time in front of employees and customers?

No. Our Client Service Center handles all inquiries including electronic, fax and phone. We then forward the inquiries to you. You contact them at your convenience and set your own appointments. They never know your name, number or location until you contact them.

Q: What do I do when a buyer is interested?

Easy! Call us for professional coaching, education and guidance. We are here to help YOU. Our years of experience make it simple to coach you through the process.

Q: How do I price my business?

We provide a free opinion of value based upon our experience, recasting your financials and previous sales nationally of similar businesses.

Q:  What if my business does not sell right away?

Our generous listing period is typically more than adequate. However, you may easily extend the agreement if needed.

Q: What if another broker brings a buyer?

No problem. you still have access to our service. Nothing changes. We will coach you through the process.

Q: Do I need an attorney to sell my business?

We encourage the use of professionals for these transactions. In most markets we can offer names of accountants and attorneys specializing in small business transactions. However, the final choice is yours. 

Q: What if my buyer needs financing?

We have names of many potential financers of business transactions. We simply put you in contact with them.

Our Buyer Database may already have
a Qualified Buyer for your business!

If you own a Business and are considering selling- contact us to receive a Proposal for your Business. It'll show a price, a likely buyer, a time-frame and all costs associated with a sale. "We'll Report- You Decide" 

We work with a "Select Group" of "Serious" buyers.  The Buyers include individuals, groups and companies - ready to infuse "fresh ideas," "fresh energy," and "additional capital"  into a Business

These BUYERS have been interviewed by us, are qualified, have signed "Confidentiality Agreements," are highly motivated to act soon and are looking for the following:

1. Small Manufacturing Companies

2. Wholesale and Distribution type Businesses

3. Service Businesses

4. Machining and Fabrication Businesses

5. Auto & Truck Service and Repair Businesses

6. Internet Related Businesses

7. Printing or Printing Related Businesses

8. Construction or Construction Related Businesses

9. "Selective" - Retail and Food Service Businesses​

10. Franchise Resales​

We can't possibly list all of our requests- CALL or TEXT 720-464-9106 - and we'll share some of our other active buyers

Top 6 Reasons To Advertise Your Business With Seller Confidential's "BIZBO" Program

Reason #1 Our Business Buyer Qualification System gives you all the necessary information you need about each prospect up front. No more wasting time with people who can’t or won’t ever buy a business. From now on, when you invest time with a potential buyer you will know he or she is qualified to buy. 

Reason #2 Confidentiality: Your confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed. Each buyer has agreed to the terms of our Confidentiality Agreement.

Reason #3 For Sale By Owner Specialists: Seller Confidential specializes in Business By Owner Marketing and Advertising.

Reason #4 Low Cost, Flat Fee: As low as $2500. That's Right. You pay just one low-priced flat fee and you never pay us a commission. 

Reason #5 - Your Business qualifies to list with us (with rare exception): Unlike commissioned based seller representation where brokers choose which business's they list or don't list based on many factors such as requiring that your business have a minimum valuation and listing price, plenty of documented profits, be stable or growing sales and 3+ years in operation.... we will create powerful sales and advertising materials for your small business listing whether its asking price is sub 100K, it's a struggling business, has weak financials, is a relatively new business, or is an otherwise complicated deal.

Reason #6- We will coach you and provide guidance: throughout the entire sales process. You will never feel alone, unsupported or not know what to do next during your sale. 


A System Designed For Business Owners
Not Business Brokers

How Our Business-Buyer Qualification System Works

FIRST – Your company is profiled on the BIG "Business For Sale" Online Marketplaces with teaser copy to grab attention and interest plus a description of your business type, size, general location, revenues and price/terms you are requesting – just enough information to get a buyer interested and wanting to know more. To protect your confidentiality, your name and phone number are never revealed to buyers.

NEXT – When a buyer is interested in your business, they'll request information and to be Contacted by you. But first they must register with us by completing a Business Buyer Profile. They must tell us about their preferred type of business, business and/or work experience, credit history, available cash, how soon they intend to buy and more. Although it is not required, many buyers will also include their resume and/or a link to their profile.

THEN – Each buyer must also agree to the terms of our Confidentiality Agreement before we pass their contact info on to you. This way they have committed to keeping your personal information and everything they learn about your business a secret.

FINALLY – When filled out completely, the Buyer’s Profile will be immediately e-mailed to you. If, after reviewing their profile, you feel that the prospect lacks the experience or financial strength to buy your business, you are under no obligation to contact them. We never provide the buyer with any information about you aside from what is publicly posted in our approved by you advertising.

The Price

When you want to sell your business, you have 3 options:

Option #1: You can have a business broker do most of the work finding prospects for you to negotiate with. This will cost you 10-12% of the value of your business in broker’s commissions. (People who prefer this option probably gave up reading a long time ago!)

Option #2: You can advertise on a web site that exists for the benefit of business brokers. You will have to compete with thousands of ads and you will have to screen the buyers yourself without any help or guidance from industry professionals.

Option #3: You can market your business with Seller Confidential. A business marketing firm that exists to serve you: the small business owner who has made the decision to sell your business yourself. We will do all the work locating & qualifying buyers for you. And the best part is that it costs as low as $2500 to get your business offered for sale and sold. And you never pay a commission when you sell your business.

So the bottom line is: for as low as $2500 Seller Confidential will:

1. Give your company massive exposure to business buyers
2. Maintain your confidentiality
3. Pre-qualify each buyer for you according to your demands and…..
4. Introduce you to the real buyers

And Remember

1.) You pay no commissions when you sell

2.) Your confidentiality is guaranteed – every potential buyer must agree to the terms of the Confidentiality Agreement

3.) You can stop/pause promoting your business for sale at any time

4.) We specialize in marketing and finding buyers for businesses that are for sale by owner 

5.) Our Business-Buyer Qualification System means you won’t waste your time with prospects who are unqualified or unprepared

6.) We have been helping other business owners just like you, sell their businesses successfully by themselves.. Now it's your time to make a good deal.  We'll help you find the buyers to make it happen!


Give Us a Call or Text 
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Buy A Business

Tired of looking for the right first business or add-on acquisition to buy? Let Seller Confidential represent you as your buyer rep and help you find the perfect business

We Buy Businesses

We are always looking for quality businesses to buy and will consider any opportunity that makes sense for our investment objectives. We'll review & make decision fast! 

Become A Biz Marketer

​Seller Confidential is pleased to offer qualified individuals a licensing opportunity to be trained and certified to sell flat fee BIZBO (biz by owner) programs

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