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15 Fast Pre-Call Questions 

Your answers to this short questionnaire will help us prepare for our Triage Call together so that we can give you our best insight possible, based upon your current business situation, on how to get your business marketed and sold for the most money in the shortest amount of time.

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    1. Please briefly describe:
    The nature of your business and business activities

    Your customer base

    Your company’s products and services

    Your company’s years in business

    Your company's reputation with customers, vendors and online

    2. What promotion and advertising techniques does your company use to market its products and services (i.e. trade shows, direct mail, advertising, telemarketing, etc.)?

    3. Please describe in basic terms:
    The competitive landscape for your business?

    The extent the company is vulnerable to its competitors?

    4. What are the company’s competitive advantages (i.e. proprietary technology, ability to produce products or offer services less expensively, ability to grow the company quicker, ability to dominate a niche market) and disadvantages?

    What does the company do better than all of its competitors (ie: The company's Core Competency and Expertise)?

    5.What is your company's annual sales volume?

    6. What percent of total sales for your company comes from its five largest customers?

    7. Were any major customers lost during the past year? If so, please state the length of time your company had the account and why the account was lost.

    8. How much business is generated from existing customers, versus business generated from new customers?

    9. Please discuss what the barriers to entry are for a new firm who wanted to begin offering similar products and services as the company offers?

    10. Are there any employees that have close relationships with customers or vendors that could be compromised if that person left the company unexpectedly? And is management staying?

    11. Please discuss issues in the industry that are going on now, or will be in the future, that are different than the past (i.e. technology changes, production capabilities, government regulations, competition, etc.)?

    12. BUYER UPSIDE: Please discuss where you see the biggest opportunity for the company going forward into the future. For example, the company's best prospects and future direction pertaining to products and services, marketing and customers, sales growth, expansion or cutbacks of business segments, possible spinoffs or acquisitions, etc.

    13. What was the company's most recent annual pre-tax earnings as reported on its year-end business tax return?

    Is there any reason why the last reported year's sales and profits should not be either repeated or exceeded in subsequent years?

    14. Does the company own any intellectual property (i.e. proprietary business method/process, patents, trademarks, brands, symbols)? And Key Relationships that are invaluable and provide a competitive advantage?

    15. How much do you think your business is worth and how did you arrive at that number?

    All Done!  
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