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The 9 Minute Shortcut That Gets Your Business SOLD

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In Just 9 mins I will analyze your current business situation and give you a prescription 
for what to do right now in order to get out and sell for the most money possible

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What Is A Triage Call?
And How It Will Help You Get Top Dollar When You Sell

By requesting The Biz Sellers Playbook

You’ve taken the first step towards getting your business sold, and for the most money possible

I’d like to personally invite you now 

To take the next step forward in selling your business

By booking a FREE 9 minute Triage Call

With either myself or one of my staff

You’re going to love the triage call

I Guarantee It!

Because it’s going to give you rock solid direction

On what to do with your business moving forward

Which will also calm your nerves and help you sleep better at night, no doubt

The Triage Call is short and easy and follows this format

1. We'll diagnose the problem

2. Next, we'll review your available options

3. Finally, I'll prescribe the best solution....

It's that type of call

We start the call by saying hello

And then we just dive right in

We'll talk about your business selling goals

We'll discuss your challenges and concerns about cashing out

And we'll give you some helpful advice and resources to get you started

On your way towards a successful business sale

On this call..... we are here to answer your questions and be of service to you

So that you can sell your business successfully with the least amount of hassle

The Triage Call is completely FREE

… and it's absolutely no obligation whatsoever

In fact… we aren't going to pitch you anything on this call

Because this call is all about you, not us

If at the end of the call

....You’d like to talk further

....about possibly working together to get your business sold

Then we can certainly schedule a second call to talk about that

But on this 9 minute Triage Call

And it is only 9 minutes long

They only thing we talk about is

Determining the best selling strategy for selling your business given your specific situation

So it's important that you attend the call relaxed and alert

And be prepared to have an open and honest conversation

....about what’s going on in your business

....and what you want to have happen next

This call is all about getting you out of your current business situation

....and on the right track moving forward

I will not be holding back and neither should you

...certainly if you want to get the most from our time together

By the end of the call

You will be clear about the best way to move forward to sell your business

....and what to start doing right away

You will also be clear about what obstacles might stand in your way

...and how to overcome any of these obstacle successfully

....should they present themselves

We will be covering a lot of ground

So even though the call is only 9 minutes long

It is fast paced and solutions based

One last thing

After you book your FREE Triage Call with me today!

You’re going to get an email confirming the date and time of our scheduled call together well as a link to a quick pre-call planning questionnaire called the ‘Boost Your Biz Value" Blueprint 

This questionnaire is only 15 questions long so it can be completed fast

It might help you and it would certainly help us

...if you completed the questionnaire

At least 3 hours before our scheduled call

This will give us the necessary time to prepare for your call

....and be most helpful to you

Because part of the process of getting you the most money possible for your business preparing your business for sale right way

That means pricing it correctly, from the start

And then positioning your business offering with persuasive marketing

....that's based on all the important value drivers

....that’ll make your business the most valuable to prospective buyers

Your answers to this quick "boost your biz value" questionnaire

....will give us a chance to prepare a primary valuation

...and plan of action sales report for you

Which we will then present to you at the end of our call

It’s our gift to you

It will provide you with valuable insight and action points

That will help you move your business closer to your selling goals

The link to book your Free Triage Call is below

It's the big yellow button that reads BOOK MY FREE TRIAGE CALL

Remember the call is totally complimentary

The call is only 9 minutes long

And the call is going to be a game changer for you

So take this small leap forward towards getting your business sold the smartest way possible

And book your FREE Triage call with me today

​Talk to you again soon...

And I’ll see you on the call


Sell Your Business By Owner
The Seller Confidential "BIZBO" Marketing Program

When You Choose Seller Confidential's "BIZBO" Marketing Package
You Never Pay a Commission, So You Keep
All The money From The Sale of Your Business

You Get Pre-Qualified Business Buyers
Plus Guaranteed Confidentiality 
Plus a Low Cost Exit 

We Offer Three "Bizbo" Marketing Program Options 


Over 8,000 Prospective Buyers Will View Your Business

90 Day Program


Over 19,000 Prospective Buyers Will View Your Business

6 Month Program


Over 25,000 Prospective Buyers Will View Your Business

12 Month Program 
Plus Money Back Guarantee

Additional Premium Services​

Buy A Business

Tired of looking for the right first business or add-on acquisition to buy? Let Seller Confidential represent you as your buyer rep and help you find the perfect business

We Buy Businesses

We are always looking for quality businesses to buy and will consider any opportunity that makes sense for our investment objectives. We'll review & make decision fast! 

Become A Biz Marketer

​Seller Confidential is pleased to offer qualified individuals a licensing opportunity to be trained and certified to sell small business "for sale" marketing packages



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