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    The final step is to formally hire us to represent you. Once hired, we'll lead the search and make initial contact with companies that meet your initial criteria. We'll also facilitate due diligence and offers


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is your search process?

    From the research and information you provide to us (your investment criteria), we'll begin digging for suitable businesses that meet your objectives (location, size, industry, etc).  We'll cold call, mail and email these target businesses in hopes of soliciting and securing an exploratory meeting between the principal owner and you (the qualified, motivated and real "buyer") during which you'd both discuss and entertain a mutual interest in the possible purchase offer and sale of the business.  

    2. How are you paid for this service?

    We charge a 10% finders fee of the agreed upon purchase price between you and the business seller for most small business transactions.  Normally this fee is included in the purchase offer and deducted from the sellers cash disbursement at closing. In other words -- your offer amount to the seller includes the fee payable to your buyer's rep ("us").  We do require a retainer/advanced deposit of $3500 which will be applied against the final commission due.  Since the Buyer is the only one who brings cash to closing when buying the business, it doesn't matter who the broker represents (buyer or seller) as the commissions are paid from these funds.

    3. What if you do not find me a business?

    It can happen.  Our buyer representation agreement provides that our authority to act as your BUYER’s agent shall begin on the agreement date and shall continue until 30 days written notice. In other words, so long as you remain qualified and motivated, we'll keep looking for you to find a business that meets your investment criteria until we find one.

    4. What if the business I want is listed with another broker?

    A key component of our buyer representation is reaching out to other brokers on a regular basis to see if they have a business that may be of interest to our buyer. We would only be compensated once in the transaction and in most cases accept the compensation offered by the listing agent.

    5. What if I find a business on my own?

    We will be happy to contact them and qualify the business, negotiate your deal and bring the transaction through due diligence with you as we would any other opportunity.