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Find out  what your business is likely worth in today's marketplace?  We are pleased to offer you a Complimentary (no obligation) Business Opinion of Value

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A Business Opinion of Value (a “BOV”), also called a broker's opinion,  is an educated “best guess” as to your business’s current market value based upon its industry group, financials and the current market conditions that affect the value of your business. Ultimately, however,  a business is worth what  somebody else is willing to pay for it.

In preparing a BOV for you, we will collect some basic information and details -- such as your biz income, expenses, assets and buyer upside story (growth opportunity)-- as well as assess local market conditions which may (or may not) impact your valuation

After we review this information, together with an analysis of comparable past sales, if any (and to the extent available), we will provide you with a BOV -- i.e., our “best guess” based on our data, analysis and experience as to the value that the market will place on your business in the event of an actual sale.

While it's not a formal business valuation, we should be able to deliver you a solid BOV and articulate a realistic Most Probable Sales Price (MPSP) range, given the intended pool of buyers, at any given time. For most small businesses, the BOV is used to set and communicate an asking price. For larger businesses, an asking price may not be advertised publicly.

We get most of our BOV requests from business owners  when they're seriously considering the possibility of selling the business and, while not intended to be definitive, our BOV frequently provides that owner with useful guidance on when and how to proceed.

One final note: Different deal structures can provide for a higher or lower selling price as well. Think: Price or Terms 

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