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When Seller Confidential accepts your listing  and agrees to represent and market your business for sale, we will let all the right people, and none of the wrong people, know that a new opportunity  to buy a terrific business is now available.    

No Wrong people means --no clients, no employees, no suppliers, no competitors unless strategy includes approaching them, and no unqualified prospective buyers

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    Call or Text 720-464-9106 and just say "I'd like to speak with someone about selling your business confidentially... my name is x" and we'll get right back with you.  You can also fill out the contact form and press submit.


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    During our call, we'll discuss your business, what we think its likely worth, your desired exit strategy and deal structure, target buyers and a proposed marketing and confidentiality plan. 


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    The final step is to formally hire us after obtaining our interest and agreement to represent you. Once hired, we'll work with you to prepare your business for sale & start marketing it right away


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do you have a minimum financial performance threshold when agreeing to list a business on a commissioned basis?

    We consider "commissioned seller representation" deals on a case by case basis. The business has to have a good reputation and be earning a minimum of 175K in annual earnings to be considered for a commissioned listing with us. Some exceptions may apply

    2. What are your steps in listing my business for sale?

     Below is the 5 Step Listing process that we follow at Seller Confidential

    STEP 1: Hire Us to Sell Your Business (and we in turn agree to represent you)

     STEP 2: Provide us with your business and financial information so that we can properly determine the “Market Value” of your business. This usually takes one hour or less

    STEP 3: We'll create a strategic plan to maximize your Business Value prior to sale

    STEP 4: We'll create an Offering Prospectus, Advertising Copy, "Key Highlights/ Selling Points" and an "Open House" Sales Video that describes the business operation in detail and its "unexploited growth potential" under new ownership

    STEP 5: Create a Confidential Business Profile and begin marketing the BUSINESS FOR SALE. A Business Profile is an investment teaser, a one or two-page summary sheet/letter that highlights the sales process and the qualities of your company for sale. The business profile is prepared on a no-name basis to maintain confidentiality. It is sent to prospective buyers in order to determine their initial interest in the opportunity. If the potential buyers are interested, they would then sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to keep matters confidential. Following the signed NDA, more detailed information about your company would be released, which usually comes in the form of a Confidential Offering Prospectus.

    3. Can you go into more detail on your Selling Process from start to finish.

    Sure, our selling process begins with a call with you ("the seller") and an evaluation of your business.  During this call we'll discuss....

    a) The Client Call:
    We'll conduct a call with you to determine your objectives and goals for selling your business and cover the list of things that need to be collected, including financial and general information. This information is critical in determining a marketable asking price that'll attract buyers.

    b) The Business Evaluation: 
    What is your company worth? Determining the fair market value for your business is crucial to attracting qualified buyers and ensuring a successful transaction. We take all relevant variables under consideration including its strengths, historical financial performance, untapped growth opportunities, and intangible assets.

    Next... if the call goes well and you'd like to hire us and we agree to represent your business we sign a listing agreement.

    c) The Listing Agreement: 
    We require that all sellers execute an exclusive listing agreement which authorizes us to use our best efforts to market your business and identify qualified prospective buyers. This agreement allows us to provide the offering prospectus to potential buyers that includes a detailed overview of the business and portrays your business in the best light.

    *** at the signing of the listing agreement, we will advise and consult with you on the proposed asking price, terms and conditions of the sale, and deal structure.

    After we've signed a listing agreement, its time to create the marketing materials

    d) The Marketing: 
    Using the business information you've provided us, we will prepare an offering prospectus and ancillary sales materials to create a comprehensive and professional sales presentation of your business.  We'll confidentially advertise your business on numerous online business marketplaces, targeted media outlets and through our own database of qualified and interested buyers.

    The offering prospectus will present a brief overview of your business, it's products and services, "Key Highlights/Selling Points" and untapped growth opportunities and a financial performance summary. Basically all the reasons why a buyer would want to buy your business.

    ***before any marketing commences, we will determine with you the level of confidentiality needed during the marketing stage to help protect against your competitors, customer, vendors and employees.

    After the Sales Materials have been created and a confidentiality plan discussed, we begin marketing your business to prospective buyers....

    e) The Buyer Screening: 
    We will field calls and emails from interested parties and conduct extensive interviews to qualify them and ascertain their real interest level, financial suitability to complete the sales transaction and whether your business is the right match for the buyer. If approved, we will have the prospective buyer execute a non-disclosure agreement to ensure confidentiality and as a good faith sign of commitment that the buyer is genuinely interested in acquiring a new business at the price and terms consistent with your business profile sheet.

    ***After we receive a signed non-disclosure agreement from the buyer we will send them the offering prospectus answer any questions the buyer may have and possibly arrange a conference call between all involved parties if it makes sense to do so.

    Once a qualified buyer has signed the non-disclosure agreement, received / reviewed the sales materials and offering prospectus, asked us further questions about the business and possibly even spoken with you ("the seller") on a conference call with us, the next step in the process (assuming the buyer wants to move forward) is to submit an LOI or Make an Offer.. 

    f)  The Letter of Intent or Offer to Purchase:
    In negotiations, we will work to secure a Letter of Intent and/or a formal Offer to Purchase detailing the buyers proposed offer price, terms and conditions of the sale, and the structure of the deal. We will then present this offer to you and answer any questions regarding the offer.  We will also advise you on making a counter offer or acceptance

    Once we have an accepted LOI.. the next step is buyer's due diligence

    g) The Due Diligence: 
    The buyer's purchase offer is typically contingent on the buyer’s verifying the accuracy of your ("the seller’s") financial disclosures and representations (if any).  This usually covers your businesses operational and financial performance.  The seller, buyer(s) and any additional parties will work together to identify and address any open issues in preparation for the closing date.

    Next, based upon the terms agreed to between the parties within the LOI, a purchase agreement is drafted.
    h) The Purchase Agreement: 
    Typically each party will engage a lawyer for the formal contract portion of the sale.  We notice that most of the time the buyer's attorney drafts the proposed asset purchase agreement that is then presented to the seller and seller's attorney for review, revisions and/or additions and approval.  Once it's approved by you (the "seller"), it will be sent to the buyer to be signed. The asset purchase agreement will represent the final agreement and terms of the sale.

    Lastly, its closing time....
    i) The Closing:  
    In finalizing your business sale, the closing date will take place when the transfer of funds is complete and the business is then legally transferred to the new owner. A transition period (personal training and consulting by the seller) is usually established to help the new business owner get familiarized with the daily operations and procedures of the business. This is an important step in the selling process and in ensuring a seamless transaction. The time period required will vary from business to business and is usually agreed to within the purchase agreement.

    4. Should I List with you on a commissioned basis or just buy your Flat Fee BIZBO Package instead?

    The answer is "it depends."  Our flagship product is our Sell It Yourself Flat Fee BIZBO  Marketing Program where we design and create your advertising and marketing materials and find, screen and qualify buyers for you... and then you just negotiate and close your own deal with our support and guidance as needed. And for most small business sellers this is the ideal solution and selling option, and the one we recommend most often.  

    Another factor is that we don't agree to list just any business.  We only accept listings on a case by case basis. Their are two reasons for this:  1) Our core product is creating "BIZBO" marketing presentations and sales materials for sellers like you, confidentially getting your ad in front of thousands of prospective buyers and then screening and qualifying your buyer leads for you as they roll in.  In other words --- creating personalized "BIZBO" (Business For Sale By Owner) marketing and sales solutions for sellers. 2) Not every business is the right fit for a listing agreement with us due to financial, operational and/or structural challenges with the business.      

    5. How long does it take to sell a business?

    If the business is priced right and offered with fair terms by a seller that's motivated to get a deal done – and its marketed aggressively, not just listed..... the average time frame is 6- 9 months.  Of course some deals sell in weeks...

    At the wrong price, with the wrong terms  and by a seller who's not really motivated to  sell, and listed with just any broker (a lazy broker).... typically there is a (75%) probability it will not sell at all.

    If you want results and a fair price for your business you need to be committed to the process.  That means you need to follow a proven and effective system that works. Your business will sell faster. You'll get a higher price $$ and you will not lose sleep, confidentiality, business sales or employees in the process.

    Some final thoughts and our commitment to you!

    We will leverage all available technologies to maximize the chances of a SALE,
    quickly and profitably for you!

    Confidentiality:  We know how important confidentiality is when selling a business and for the seller's peace  of mind and we do everything in our power to protect your privacy.  our marketing program does not disclose your identity. We'll make sure all inquiries sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement prior to receiving any identifying business details.... no clients, no customers, no suppliers, no competitors, and no unqualified buyers should know of your intentions. 

    Price it Right: We'll help you determine the proper asking price by uncovering and presenting all the right value drivers for a prospective buyer to consider.​  To do this we'll recast your financials by making adjustments to your depreciation, amortization, interest, owner's salary and discretionary items, etc. We'll also factor historical growth, industry trends, demographics and future outlook plus prior sales and comparisons when available.

    Huge Exposure to the Right Audience: Your business will be marketed on many strategic websites and media channels to make sure your offer is visible where the buyers hang out and are actively looking for a business like yours.  We also confidentially inform all prospective buyers that we come in contact with  outside of your listing about a quality business ("your business") being available for sale and definitely worth taking a look at and seriously considering.   

    ** The more potential buyers means a higher likelihood of a competitive bidding war for your business  and result in a higher price and better terms for you.

    You Can Spend Your Time Running Your Business: It's time consuming weeding out the tire kickers, finding the right buyer, getting an offer and closing the deal.  We'll do this all for you.  We'll spend our time on driving  buyer interest, qualifying buyers and closing your deal for you at the best price and terms the market will bear.  This way you're free to concentrate on keeping your business running smoothly, profitably and with the positive momentum that buyers want and love.

    Get The Right Amount Of Cash At Closing:  We qualify your buyers and assist them (as requested) in locating motivated lenders and other financing to enable you to get the right amount of cash at closing  you want.

    We Can Negotiate the Deal For You​:  Sometimes emotions and bad feelings develop when a buyer and seller negotiate directly.  As you're seller representative, we can negotiate the deal points on your behalf and insulate you from any negative feelings.  Additionally, a good relationship with the buyer is especially important when seller financing of any amount is a part of the deal. 

    We'll can follow up with your prospective buyers without looking desperate: ​Part of the process of getting to a signed purchase agreement is following up with the buyer and asking if a decision has been reached.  These follow up calls have to been done in a manner that is routine and in the normal course of business or they might appear to make you look anxious for the sale and weaken your bargaining position.  When we call on your behalf to follow up, we're just doing our job and don't weaken your bargaining position resulting in the right price being achieved for your business.